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Technical Data

There are a large variety of choices available for the materials, adhesives and finishes for your labels. In addition there are a wide range of formats available for you to choose:

  • Reels
  • Sheets
  • Singles
  • Sprocket punched – reels
  • Sprocket punched – fan folded

Materials Available
A selection of many popular materials are available in today’s self-adhesive label market. If you do not see the particular material you are looking for, please enquire.

White Paper

  • Matt – multi-purpose label paper – ideal for cost effective label applications
  • Semi-gloss – multi-purpose label paper – ideal for high quality labels giving good print definition, fine detail and added value to your labels
  • High-gloss – top quality gloss finish, giving products the ultimate impact

Thermal Paper
For use with thermal printers. A choice of either top-coated or economy paper, depending on your application.

Coloured Papers
Available in various colours with matt or gloss finish.

Available in gloss or matt finishes in a comprehensive range, including clear, white and various colours – ideal where highly durable labels are required

Polyethylene (PE)
A recyclable material. Available in gloss or matt finish, in both clear and white, giving resistance against water, oil and chemicals – ideal for use on squeezable packages.

Polypropylene (PP)
A recyclable material, available in gloss and matt finishes, in both white and clear for the more durable label, giving a good resistance against water, oil and chemicals.

Available in gloss and matt finishes, in white, clear and in a comprehensive range of colours. Very durable and long lasting in harsh environments.

A clear plasticised cellulose acetate film, containing anti-block slip adhesives. Available with a matt or high-gloss finish.

Computer Imprintable materials
Various materials are available to suit your specific requirement.

Tamper evident security materials
Choose between a variety of materials best suited to your application.

White rayon satin cloth material
Fabric material with high opacity and lustrous finish, with permanent adhesive.

Tyvek is a spun bonded polyolefin. It is strong and tear resistant, unaffected by most chemicals and will withstand extremes of weather, abrasion and rough handling. Available in white only.

A heavy duty polyester with good chemical resistance and good high tack adhesive. The adhesive will stick quickly and adhere with a good final bond on rough or curved surfaces.

Ideal for covering unwanted information, complete block out and no show through. Available in white paper and vinyl.

Adhesives available
Again a wide variety of adhesives are available to suit your labels needs

  • Permanent
  • Peelable
  • High tack
  • Food Grade
  • Freezer
  • Water Soluble

Finishes available

  • Matt
  • Semi-gloss
  • High-gloss
  • UV Varnished – a cost effective way to enhance your label and give added durability. Available with matt or gloss finish
  • Laminated – for the ultimate durability and finish. Available in matt or gloss.

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