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Fast turnaround label printing

At this time of year we print lots of labels for exhibitions – and they are normally wanted in a hurry. It’s only natural, as labels are one of the last things to be thought about when organising an exhibition.

Priorities tend to focus on booking the space, organising stand graphics, brochure printing, promotional give-aways, accommodation… the list seems to be endless. Then someone asks about stickers to reinforce your brand – and the exhibition is just a few days away.

Just recently we had a call on a Tuesday from a company that needed labels for an exhibition on Saturday. This was slightly different, as they had allowed plenty of time to get their labels printed, but their printer had let them down. Wakefield Labels has a reputation for getting people out of trouble, so we arranged their artwork and got their labels printed and delivered in time for their exhibition.

If you need stickers printed in a hurry – or someone has let you down and you don’t want to take any chances – give us a call on 020 8591 1810.