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Wakefield Labels QR Code Saves the Day

Children’s author Catherine Cooper and Pengridion Books recently had a problem that Wakefield Labels were able to remedy with QR code labels.

Described as the next JK Rowling, Catherine found that the QR code that opened ‘secret’ pages on Pengridion’s new website no longer worked. Catherine takes up the story;

“Earlier this year I was faced with a problem.  I either had to have my website migrated to a new system, or lose everything on it.  I opted for the migration.  All went well until the company transferring the website told me they were unable to link the QR code on the back of one of my books to the website.  Although the website address was the same, the page to which the QR code was linked was now obsolete.  The company could not find a way to activate the QR code to the new webpage address.  This left me high and dry.  Through no fault of my own I was now the proud owner of a useless QR code on the back of every single book that had been printed.  I'm sure I'm not the only person to have this kind of a problem.  I got no help from them, no offer to try and rectify the situation, and as yet, no apology for the upset and inconvenience they've caused.

Wakefield Labels came to my rescue and within a week I had a solution to my problem. They were able to make me a reel of self-adhesive QR codes to stick over the ones on the book. The code on the labels now takes anyone buying my book to the exclusive pages on my website where the obsolete QR code used to direct them.  Now the 'secret' pages on the website can be accessed again.  
I felt awful when the QR code wouldn't work, now, thanks to Wakefield Labels, the problem has been solved. My initial enquiry was responded to on the same day. Wakefield Labels’ staff could not have been more helpful, providing a breakdown of costs and a quick, well-packaged delivery

I wish the staff at Wakefield Labels every success.  It's refreshing when you receive exactly what you ordered.  The delivery was quick, well packaged, and I was 100% satisfied with my labels.  

I would recommend Wakefield Labels to anyone.  They are helpful, professional, and very efficient.  I was kept informed throughout the whole process.  I am delighted they were able to solve my problem.  I would not hesitate to use them again.”

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